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To build a website, you need 3 parts. The website itself, a domain name and web hosting.

Website hosting is the place your website's files are stored. They are stored on a server that runs 24/7 so that anyone who visits your website can view it at any time.

A domain name is the website address of your website. For example: is a domain name.

Typically all websites have a home page and a contact page. The home page is there to welcome the visitor, grab his attention and provide brief information on what the business/website has to offer. The contact page's role is to provide a place where contact info, such as phone numbers, can be easily found. Most sites generally also have an "About Us" page that includes a brief history of the business/organisation and what it does.
Service businesses should have service pages, that describe each service and its pricing. Gallery pages are also a welcome addition to any site, to show off pictures of previous work or as a general photo gallery.